DVDs are available for pre-sale here.  DVDs will ship out on 10/22/2013

DVDs are available for pre-sale here.  DVDs will ship out on 10/22/2013

Episode 08: Epilogue


Naperville, IL

3 years later, we catch up with the current team.

Episode 7: Reload from RJ McNichols on Vimeo.

Episode 07: Reload


Waverly, IA

The coaches became very concerned about the 2010 season with returning 2 out of the top 15.

Episode 06: One


Cleveland, OH

The Harriers weren’t allowing anyone to get in their way.

Episode 05: Second


Hanover, IN

The team’s confidence began to build throughout the Fall of 2008.

Episode 04: “I ran out of next years…”


Chicago, IL

The outcome of Outdoor Conference bonded the Harriers together.

Episode 03: Sixteen


Northfield, MN

Nationals in Northfield, MN became the Cardinals’ most defining moment. 

Episode 02: The New Guys


Ada, OH

In the fall of 2006, a new crop of freshmen arrived.  They embodied what was missing from the team and were ready to take the Nation by storm.  But just like a storm, the unpredictable happens…    

Episode 01: Prologue


Naperville, IL

Al Carius received a phone call at his father’s Dairy Queen, leading him to a small private college outside of Chicago called North Central College.  After 9 years of coaching at North Central, Al had no idea he would coach a National Championship Team.  

He didn’t know he would go on to winning multiple national titles.  However, he’d never thought the team would take what they had for granted.